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Sep 5, 2023

Listen to Bill as he interviews Farron Blanc, VP of Brokerage Distribution for Banner Life / Legal & General America! Farron breaks down the various changes and growth trends in the Life Insurance industry. Also, he discusses how technology has evolved to adapt to changing consumer behaviors. The partnership between Banner Life and "Insure Me Now Direct" is now the solution for the new way of conducting Life Insurance business today and beyond!

About Farron Blanc:

I am a life insurance and senior care nerd with over 15 years of experience in the industry, spanning startups, corporates, consulting, and investing. I lead distribution and marketing for the brokerage and financial institutions channels at Legal & General America, the US term life insurance market leader, where I drive growth and leverage technology to enhance customer experience and partner relationships. 

I am also an active angel investor and advisor, focused on insurtech, eldertech, and B2B SaaS. I support and mentor founders who are solving meaningful problems in these domains, leveraging my deep expertise and network. Previously, I co-founded and sold two insurtech startups, Gerry and Greenhouse, that helped thousands of Americans navigate long-term senior care and access affordable life insurance. I am passionate about innovation, social impact, and lifelong learning and hold a few advanced degrees. I am a baseball, F1, and basketball fan and speak English, French, and Indonesian.